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In my life, and in my chosen profession of a Care Manager, there is no place for personal biases and prejudices. Everyone should be, and deserves to be, treated with empathy and listened to in a non-judgmental manner, and spoken to with respect.

All people are different. One person may have an over exaggerated response to an illness or pain, and have a great deal of distress. On the other hand, someone else may not respond at all, and those are the hardest people to help sometimes. When I am doing my job, and for the most part in my everyday life, I challenge myself to always be empathetic to how others respond to their health problems and needs, no matter how trivial it may seem to me. Listening to how people express themselves, can tell you a lot about them.

When visiting clients in their homes, I am able to watch their expressions, see their mannerisms, and learn a lot that may help me get to know them better. I can then start gaining their trust and then they, in turn, are willing to open up to me and voice their concerns, problems, and how they are feeling. This may be the simplest thing I can do, but it could help the client recover from an illness or help them understand their health problems better, so they can have a better quality of life.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to visit people in their homes, so getting to know them is harder. Letting them talk on the phone and listening attentively to them is very important, so I can find out what their needs are, what their concerns are about their health, and find out how much they even understand about their health. It's harder to know how to help someone when you do not meet them in person, see where they live, and how their life actually is, so I try to be kind and supportive and make sure the client understands I am listening and want to help them in any way possible.

I never know when I may find myself in their position, so thinking of how I would want to be treated, whether it be on the phone or in my home, is a good example to me of how to treat other people. That what I always try to remember from day to day!


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Written By: Care Manager - Cynthia Adams, LPN

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