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Best 2019 Tech Items for Seniors


As the tech industry booms, new items are on the market which can ultimately make the lives of aging adults easier.  From managing online passwords and tracking health goals to locating missing items and even cleaning the living room, embracing technology allows seniors to spend more time doing the things they love. Read on for the hottest tech items for the aging population in 2019. 

Last Pass



It seems that every website, app, or service today requires a new account and password. Remembering these passwords is a drag, and the sheer volume makes them challenging to manage. With Last Pass, there is only one master password to remember! You can use it on your computer browser or cellphone, and by safely and securely saving your passwords, you'll never forget your login again. To learn more about Last Pass, click here.



Automatic Jar Opener




Opening a jar can be a big challenge. There are plenty of automatic jar openers that can fit many different jar sizes. The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener does just that.  Consider this for someone who has arthritis or someone with a weak grip.





Step Tracker



The Vivofit 3 is an uncomplicated fitness tracker that has a back-lit, easy to read display and amazing battery life.  It is waterproof, can track sleep, steps, and calories burned. No added fluff ensures aging adults can get the exercise they need! 




Find Missing Items




The Tile key is an awesome, affordable tech product that you can attach to anything you want to keep from going missing. Keys are an obvious choice, but you can also attach it to your laptop bag, luggage, your favorite coat or even to your car. Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Tile can solve that. If you're within a 100 ft of your vehicle, tile can locate it and connect to your cellphone by using blue-tooth technology. 









Digital photo frames are a great way to keep your family close when they live far away. There are many digital photo frames, but the NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame is a great option. The frame has many useful features, like clock and calendar functions, but one feature that sets it apart is the built-in speakers, allowing you to play and hear videos of your family. It also has a motion sensor, so it only plays when you're in the room.



Home Security



The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a perfect addition to any aging person's home. Many devices can connect to the app, and everyone connected gets a notification when someone rings the doorbell or sets off the motion sensor. If someone is lurking around your home, you have video proof and can warn your neighbors! You can watch everything from your cellphone and know your home and self are safe.



Robotic Vacuum



Sweeping and vacuuming can be tedious and tiring, especially for aging adults. Robotic vacuums can be set up on a schedule, and some of the more advanced ones will even empty themselves!  The Deebot vacuum is priced well, has fantastic suction, and also has an app that tells you when the filter and cleaning nozzles need replacing.




Tell us which tech items are you favorite!



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