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May is National Aging Life Care Month!


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Early last year we did not necessarily foresee we would be moving into year two with COVID-19. So, unfortunately this year there will be no CAB Open House to celebrate Aging Life Care month and to honor our wonderful Community Partners. However, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude for all you have done this past year and continue to do in our Communities in 2021! 

This May, our message remains constant as ever:

1. We appreciate you all for coming up with clever ways to keep those most vulnerable in the community connected with services offered. You all have stepped up to help people in the community stay connected with needed services!

2. As Aging Life Care Managers, we celebrate our profession which provides our scope of practice and Code of Ethics. From inquiry calls to complimentary consults, through assessment to the start of care, continuing with care and ongoing evaluation of care needs, we are here to care!  Relying on our proven process helps keep our clients safe and gives our families peace of mind. (For a copy of our proven process, visit and download our CAB-Client Journey today).


3. We continue to offer Care Management and Caregiving services for those dealing with healthcare-related challenges who don’t know which way to turn and are in need of workable solution options.


4. We are partners in exceptional aging journeys with the families to whom we provide services. We will continue to promise to make our clients’ lives easier!


Let’s hope next May we can meet more often in person. But for now, we celebrate Aging Life Care Month once again and share it with you!

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