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Taking a Walk


The goal is to take a walk.  Remember, there are no guidelines for this task!  Let it fall into place however your client feels most comfortable, as long as it is safe.  The common goal here is exercise, whether large or small!  Keep in mind any diagnosis, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any physical limitations.



Try to find common ground.  Let them know and feel that you are a friend to them.  An easy way to do this is simple conversation.  Find out their interests, things they enjoy.  This could be talking about their childhood, their favorite baseball team, a favorite past time or favorite food.  Try to make this a common goal for both of you, meaning get them interested.  Try to find out what motivates them.  This could be as simple as bringing coffee for you both in the morning and asking them to join you downstairs for a short stroll.  Bring a basketball if they like basketball or ask them to tell you a story about their life, or their children.


What it boils down to is simple.  Let the client know you are interested in them and what they enjoy!  This will help to simply and easily complete a common goal together. 

Use the word “we” instead of “you” when talking about the goal.  We are there to assist, to be a friend, and to motivate our clients!

Remember to praise them!  With each step closer to the completion of a common goal they should feel good about completing this goal together!


By Rachael Warmuth, CAB Lead Caregiver

Tags: walking, healthcare, caregiving, respect

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