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Top 5 Services Needed for the Aging Population.


As Boomers age, there follows a unique and diversified demand for in-home care services. Here are the top 5 services that are much needed for the aging population:



1. Fix-It/ Handy Services 


Many aging adults will gladly compensate someone to come take care of tasks, such as re-painting a living room,  installing shelves or putting together furniture.  Some tasks are as simple as changing a ceiling fixture light bulb.  You would be surprised the amount of stress and worry you would be taking off their shoulders!


TIP:  Get to know your clients. Relationships are so important. Aging adults are wary of letting strangers in their homes. Build trust with your clients and you will be surprised how many referrals you receive from word-of-mouth!




2. Affordable Home Delivery Services

There are many aging persons who aren't driving and either have no family or  don't have children to help out because they live too far away. Keeping aging persons living in their home as long as possible is incredibly important to their well-being. Having a personal home delivery service can be vital to keeping those persons living well at home! This doesn't just include groceries. This would be picking up medicine, transporting their pets from Vet appointments, and delivering a weekly order of their dry cleaning.


3. Lawn and Garden Services


There are many aging adults who LOVE caring for their garden, but have become unable due to injury & disabilities. Caring for their garden and lawn could be as easy as digging up weeds, while they hand off the plants they picked out with you at the garden center. For many aging adults this means a world of difference to them. Setting up a weekly, monthly or daily schedule of coming and tending to their veggies and fruits, either by picking them or watering them, is a service that is greatly needed!








4. In-Home Salon

Everyone likes to be pampered! This is an important service for many reasons, which include socialization, boost of confidence, and normalcy.  Many aging adults love getting a hair cut, or their facial hair trimmed. Some like perms and some like getting their hair colored! Providing an in-home salon service would be very beneficial to helping the epidemic of senior isolation and providing a service that creates normalcy for aging adults. Just because you're aging doesn't mean you don't enjoy the things you used to do on your own!





5. Affordable Task-Based Care


A large portion of aging adults are on a strict budget and find it very hard to afford any in-home care. Providing a service that has no hour minimums is incredibly beneficial for aging adults who just need a touch of help, but don't need the standard 4-hour minimums. Care Around The Block provides a task based in-home care service that schedules at 15-minute increments. That means you are only paying for the care you truly need. Care starts at just $8 for 15-minutes and we offer a wide variety of services. Our phone consult is free and requires zero obligation! We are neighborhood-centered and need at least 5 neighbors to start care. Check us out at or give us a ring at 865-444-6787.

CAB Services


We hope you enjoyed our list and found it interesting! Maybe it sparked a business venture! 

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