What is Care-Managed Home Care?

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What is Care-Managed Home Care?


When someone asks me this question, the first thing I tell them is the difference between Care-Managed Home Care VS. a Caregiving Agency is my stress and worry level. The difference really boils down to having a Care Manager manage and coordinate everything and anything to do with my parent's care, and something I can gift to myself as their primary Caregiver. It's called self-care, and I highly recommend it!  All CAB Care Managers are Registered Nurses or licensed Social Workers, and while they don’t provide traditional nursing care or social work services, they utilize their background and expertise in those fields to help people like me and their loved ones better understand the aging healthcare system. Care Managers become the families “go-to” person for questions and guidance. Who wouldn't want to have an expert in their corner during a difficult time of unknowns and uncertainty? They say it takes a village, and oh boy, yes it does!

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So what exactly can Care Managers do?

To start off, CAB Care Managers help guide families through the crazy healthcare maze. They start by going into the home and doing a full comprehensive assessment, then make recommendations based on their findings. After the Care Manager completes the assessment and makes recommendations, they coordinate care, advocate, and act as the "boots on the ground" to help manage the care of their clients. CAB Care Managers do this by assessment and monitoring, planning and problem-solving, education and advocacy, and family caregiver coaching. They pride themselves on these 8 areas of expertise:


The other important part of Care-Managed Home Care is the CAB Care Partners. CAB Care Partners are the best of the best, and receive extensive training in their lab as well as complete in-home training. They also receive continuing education and opportunities to get certifications in dementia care to expand their knowledge. Care Managers also monitor the day-to-day care with our Care Partners to ensure fluidity, communication, and that everyone is on the same page in real time. CAB Care Partners relay all information regarding clients back to the Care Manager via documentation. This helps the CAB team stay up-to-date in real time.  If something happens and a Care Partner is out, someone with knowledge of all the client's specific needs can tag right in. It's truly a team approach.

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Care Partners also notice things by spending a good portion of their time with the client, building that oh so important relationship and trust. In turn, the client might feel comfortable providing more information that could be helpful to their care and benefit them in some way. Care Partner’s are also offered support in the field 24/7 and on-going continuing education to stay on top of new skills and up-to-date with the latest Caregiving and dementia care training.

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Per CAB, this is how Care-Managed Home Care is different. CAB Care Managers are professionals who manage clients’ care by advocating for the client when it comes to medications, physician visits, and step in when a crisis arises. CAB Care Managers monitor the situation and work together as a team with our Care Partners. Our Care Managers are members of ALCA- the national organization for CM Professionals called the “Aging Life Care Association”. To learn more about why this is important, visit www.aginglifecare.org

I've learned that CAB Care Managers can also provide medication management, including coordinating refills with the physician, picking up refills, filling pill boxes, providing education on the medication and checking for compliance. Home Care Agencies cannot do this.

I like to refer to my CAB Care Manager as the "me" when I can't be there. Their "boots on the ground" caring approach ensures everything goes smoothly. This has allowed me peace of mind and even allowed me to take a vacation. Bottom line: Care-Managed Home Care is a game changer.



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