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Why Nursing Chose Me As a Calling in Life



Happy International Nurses Day!

I always wanted to do something that would enable me to help others, and leave a footprint of positive change in their lives. I have admired nurses ever since my first encounter with one at 8 years old, when I had a tonsillectomy around Thanksgiving time. The nurse I had left an admirable impression on my young and scared self, seeing as I was hospitalized during a holiday and away from my family. I then had an experience that shaped my longing to help others when a 6 year old boy was walking to Kindergarten with his older brother, and was hit by a school bus while they were running to cross the icy road. Luckily, a nurse who was on her way to work stopped, and I instantly ran to help in whatever way possible. Unfortunately, the boy passed later that day, leaving me with a deep desire to find ways to make more of a difference.

It then seemed every time I turned around, there was another accident or medical incident that would fall out of sky in front of me. Long waiting lists for nursing school delayed following my dream of becoming a nurse, so I decided to start out as an EMT, and eventually became a level 2 Paramedic. I have now been an LPN for 10 years! Nursing personally fulfills the gap that has been left empty since both of my parents have passed. I've always felt a strong need to nurture others and as I get older, nursing also fills that need that seems to have been lost when my two sons grew up and flew from the nest. All in all, I feel like nursing is my special calling in life. It is not the pay check that fills these deep desires and needs when you want to do something as passionate as nursing.

A shout out to all the nurses in the world that share this special bond. I salute you, and Happy Nurse's Week to all!


Written by: Care Manager - Teresa Parker, LPN

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